Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On Those Sexy Models...

This is the moment you all (OK, maybe not all) have been waiting for! Step aside, NetBeans girls! Get ready for the new sensation! It's time for members of the Eclipse Modeling team to take their rightful place among the unforgettable images of EclipseCon 2010. And this is your chance to help make it happen!

We've done the bobble head thing. Some suggested that this year we should do the Barbie thing. But we've got something even better in mind.

The Challenge

Take images of prominent committers (see the attachment to bug 303637) from Modeling projects and transform them into the models we know they're capable of being! For example, you could take their undeniably handsome heads and superimpose them on otherwise "superior" bodies.

The Rules

  • Each entry must be in the form of an attachment to bug 303637 (be sure to choose 'BigFile').

  • Each entry must consist of altered versions of all ten original images (already attached to the bug).

  • The altered images must be in good taste - give your peers the respect they deserve.

  • Entries must be submitted no later than March 17, 2010.

The Reward

Our esteemed judges (the infamous Ed Merks and Chris Aniszczyk) will decide on a winning image for each of the ten "models", to be revealed during the "Modeling Project Runway 2010" talk at EclipseCon 2010. Winners (those who submitted one or more winning images) will be presented with some great prizes (e.g., Eclipse schwag) at the end of the runway session (or we'll mail it to you if you're not there... but we know you will be!).

Come on, Eclipse, let's show everyone how creative we can be!

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