Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On Monday at EclipseCon...

This sucks. There are so many interesting talks scheduled at the same time for EclipseCon 2008 that it's going to be really hard to choose which ones to attend. I guess that's a good problem to have, though. ;)

Since it's not possible to create customized tracks on the EclipseCon site this year (at least I couldn't find a way), I decided I'd take the time to make some tough decisions and post the list of talks that I plan to attend on my POB. Originally I thought I'd be able to make my selections in one sitting, but I'm afraid this really is going to take some careful consideration... so I'll have to spread it out over several blog entries.

Here, then, is the list of talks I've selected for Monday (and why):

Data Applications in Eclipse: The Eclipse Data Tools Platform

Right off the bat I'm stuck with choosing between talks I'd really like to attend and ones I feel I should attend. For example, the tutorials on getting started with RAP development and building server-side Eclipse-based Web applications look really promising (not to mention that Ed's recent blog entry has already piqued my interest)... but I work for a data tools company, so how can I not attend the DTP tutorial?

From RCP to RCP/RAP – Conversion and Single-Sourcing Techniques

OK, so it looks like I can get my RAP fix at this tutorial, although it might have been nice to catch the second half of Building Server-Side Eclipse based web applications. It might have also been nice to provide moral support to my brother in poetry from Embarcadero (I've heard he can be "humorous/hilarious" at times)... oh well, I'll have to put this one on my bucket list.

Integrating Reporting into your Application

This was the toughest choice so far (probably because no external influence has made me feel compelled in one direction or another on this one). I also considered catching up with my Modeling brethren in the tutorial on M2T/TMF, or finding out why Spring-OSGi was renamed "Spring DM". I wonder how Bernd is planning to be in two places at once...

How to get the most of the BPMN modeler

Given that the vote to create a new BPMN2 component in the MDT sub-project concluded successfully today, I should probably get the low-down on the state of the art in BPMN tooling at Eclipse. I hope to be working quite closely with these guys in the near future.

Eclipse Community Awards Reception

Finally, an easy (non-)decision.

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