Saturday, January 26, 2008

On Tuesday at EclipseCon...

OK, round two. I'm on Daddy duty all weekend while my wife is in New Brunswick celebrating her mother's birthday with her... So I'll see if I can't finish making my talk selections between gymnastics, Gymboree, soccer, Music for Young Children, groceries, skating, cooking, dishes, and changing diapers. Piece of cake, right? Meh.


I'm not sure how I missed this one on the first day... Yeah, I know it's not a talk, but hey, a man's gotta eat!

Keynote - Dan Lyons

Steve Jobs or not, this one should prove to be entertaining. I'm down with satire and I'm sure this keynote won't disappoint.

Apples and Oranges or Fruit Salad? A look at open source versus commercial platform strategies

Hey, who let this guy (back) in? Seriously, there are two sides to every story... and I think the world is much better off with fruit salad than a choice between just apples and oranges (even if one tastes better than the other).

Software Metrics - The Good, The Bad and the CRAPpy

I've heard of code smell, but this is taking it to the next level. I'm not sure about the sober part, but I like the sound of metrics for bad code, now that I don't get to write as much of it as I used to. Did I just say that? Oh man, I really am becoming a manager... :(

Open Source Meets Open Specifications: Eclipse and the OMG

I guess I probably have to attend this one (and you should too!), seeing as I'm presenting it. Unless, of course, I can figure out Bernd's secret...

Server-Side Eclipse - the dynamic server platform based on OSGi

Cool, so I'll get to see Jochen speak after all (after missing his tutorials on Monday).

Designing Business and Technical User Interfaces in Eclipse RCP Applications

This is a subject I have been keenly interested in for some time... to me, the major issue with developing products based on Eclipse today is consumability. I was considering submitting a talk in this subject myself, so I'll be curious to hear what Morten has to say.

Diversity is the Spice of Life

Ah, the dynamic duo! They've obviously been eating some of Tim's fruit salad. I'm part of the community that they'll be referencing, so I'd better listen in to keep them honest.

Exhibits Reception

Again, not a talk, but a man also has to drink! Oh, and collect free goodies for the kids. ;)

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